Voting Rights

Voting Rights

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed (LWVUS Position March 1982). Current issues are: Expanding Voter Access, Redistricting, Money in Politics, and Fighting Voter Suppression

The national League is also working on Educating Voters and Increasing Voter Registration

Tell Congress to Invest in the Safety of Our Democracy
The November election is quickly approaching, and it is imperative Congress provides the necessary funding to transform our election system to respond to this crisis, and ensure voting remains fair, accessible, and safe.
Voters should not have to choose between their health and their vote.

Contact your Senators today and ask them to include $4 billion in funding to secure our elections in the next stimulus package.

COVID ELECTIONS FUND Ensuring Voter Safety During a Pandemic

The League of Women Voters Education Fund launched the COVID Elections Fund to reduce the crippling impacts of the coronavirus on voters.

How Does the League of Women Voters Help?

  • In the coming weeks and months, the League will invest in technology and training to:
  • Protect 4 million voters by working with elections officials to ensure safe and accessible voter options during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Mobilize 1 million voters to cast their votes and make their voices heard
  • Register 500,000 new voters, especially targeting young people and new citizens to participate in our electoral process
  • Support more than 6 million voters through massive online voter education and outreach

See the complete LWV US position in Impact on Issues pgs. 13-28


Over the years the LWV RI has maintained an intense interest in voting and elections, and conducted numerous studies long before "hanging chads" became part of our national lexicon. Our studies covered: Voter Registration, Mail Ballots, Election Day Procedures, Poll Workers, Polling Places, Early Voting, Unified Voter Registration System, Voting Machines, and Redistricting. Note: Although RI studies pointed to making voting by mail easier, we never dreamed that we'd want to drop in person voting all together.

Prior to the advent of online voter information League members provided Voter Information phone lines on Election Days and prior to "Motor Voter" provided registrars for Voter Registration at schools, businesses, and events.

Links to RI League positions on: Election Procedures, Voting Procedures, Voter Registration System, Voting Machines, Redistricting