Voting in November 3 Election

Voting in November 3 Election

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The Secretary of State sent out applications for Mail Ballots to all registered voters in Rhode Island with a postage paid return envelope. If you want to vote by mail, don't wait. The process takes time. Read the instructions, fill out the form carefully as directed, and do include your phone number so that if there is any problem you can be contacted to correct it with minimum delay.*** Drop boxes for ballots are now available in all cities and towns. For mail ballots you may use any of the drop box locations around the state, but for in person voting you must go to the Board of canvassers where you live.

If you requested and were sent a mail ballot, voting in person is still possible. If you have the ballot in your possession, you may surrender the ballot to your Board of Canvassers and vote a regular ballot in person. If the ballot never arrived or was lost, you may vote by provisional ballot at your normal polling place. If you vote by Provisional Ballot, you may check the status of your vote on the Board of Elections website. You will need your Provisional Ballot number. 

The Voter Registration deadline is October 4**
The Mail Ballot Application deadline is October 13*

*The Emergency Ballot period extends from the Mail Ballot deadline up until 4pm the day before the election, and you may vote an Emergency Ballot in person at your City/Town Hall during this period.

**In Presidential Election years, you may register on the day of the Election to vote for President/Vice-President Only at places designated.

***Follow the progress of your Mail Ballot application


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