2020 LWV Delco PA Primary Voter Survey Summary

2020 LWV Delco PA Primary Voter Survey Summary

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Survey Purpose

The Delaware County League of Women Voters reached out to Delaware County voters to get input on their voting experience in the 2020 Pennsylvania Primary with the intent of sharing the results with Delaware County Election Officials in an effort to continue to improve the voting experience. The survey opened mid-June and closed the beginning of July 2020. At the close of the survey 300 voters responded.

Survey Format was:

  • Anonymous
  • Created using Google Form
  • Designed using multiple choice and open-ended questions and the Google Form Calendar Tool
  • NOTE: No questions were required to answer 

Survey asked questions about:

  • Mail-in Ballots
  • Polling Places
  • Communication and Information
  • Safety issues due to COVID

Survey Recommendations

Based on the survey response the League of Women Voters of Delaware County made the following recommendations to Delaware County election officials:

  • Continue to provide training for voters and poll workers 
  • Create a video tutorial on voting by mail
  • Use digital tools and hard copy materials to educate the public
  • Reach out to cultural groups, houses of worship, senior centers, youth, etc.
  • Deploy the scanners at polling places
  • Provide polling places that are large enough to allow for social distancing
  • Provide secure mail-in ballot drop boxes in locations throughout the county
  • Purchase more SURE equipment - terminals, printers and scanners
  • Provide more staff to process ballots 
  • Recruit more poll workers
  • Provide a consistent response and information 
  • Update County website - replace the words “New Voting Machines” with “Election Information”, remove past election dates, dead links, etc.
  • Provide a voting experience that is SAFE - FAIR - SECURE FOR ALL 

 To view and share the survey presentation Click Here and click through the slides.

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