Local Program 2020-2021

Local Program 2020-2021

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2020-2021 Local Program 

The goal for the 2020-2021 Local Program is to develop committees to address and work on local program initiatives with the intent to become more active and involved in all the communities we serve.

I. GOVERNMENT: Engage members and community in all levels of government. 

A. Voting Rights and Participation through Education and Action:

  1. Protect the right to vote and security of the election process for every Delaware County citizen. 
  2. Encourage everyone to participate in the electoral process by: 

a) Conducting voter registration drives

b) Educating voters through debates/forums and speaking to groups 

c) Working with the schools to build student awareness of the importance of voting and how governments work.

d) Continuing voter training related to new voting machines and new voting processes and reforms and participate in the Delaware County Election Taskforce.  

e) Continuing efforts to allow eligible prisoners to register and use mail-in ballots to vote.

B. Municipal Government and Services: Support measures to enable municipal government to operate more effectively. 

  1. Develop a “Know Your Community” model for each municipality we represent. 
  2. Support the formation of the Delaware County Health Department to include awareness and services needed for each municipality our members represent.
  3. Monitor emergency preparedness plans at the municipal and county level 

C. State and Federal Governments: Engage members and community in the legislative process. 

  1. Conduct legislative interviews. 
  2. Monitor government activities and take appropriate action. 
  3. Inform community members of government actions.
  4. Advocate for legislation that improves our members’ and communities’ needs.

II. EDUCATION: Support excellence and equity in our public school systems. 

A. Continue our leadership role with the Regional Adolescent Sleep Needs Coalition to     encourage school districts to start school later based on student health needs.

B. Continue to develop resource materials and presentations under the auspices of the Civic Education Committee to be used in schools. 

C. Encourage public high schools to participate in the Harvard Kennedy School Case Study Program to study how government works and how public policy is made.

III. NATURAL RESOURCES: Support management and protection of natural resources in the public interest, including planning, land use, environmental quality and safety in our communities. 

A. Advocate for responsible development of pipelines to Marcus Hook. 

B. Preservation and protection of open space for public use. 

C. Strict enforcement of land use ordinances.  

D. Cooperation with environmental groups. 

E. Protection of residential zoning. 

F. Advocate for renewable clean resources.

IV. CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PRISON REFORM: Monitor and advocate for improving the criminal justice system in Delaware County.

  1. Continue offering criminal justice presentations under the auspices of the Civic Education Committee. 
  2. Continue advocacy efforts with Delaware County officials and advocacy groups.