LWV ABC Emails in Email Spam Folder

LWV ABC Emails in Email Spam Folder

Time Range For Action Alert: 
August 27, 2020 to November 30, 2020

Check Your Spam Folder for Emails from LWV ABC

Didn't get the August  2020 newsletter email?  Check your Spam folder.  Many of the recent emails from LWV ABC went to email Spam folders.  

There are two things you can do to prevent LWV ABC emails from going to your Spam folder.

1. Add  LWV ABC email addresses to your "Contacts" or "Address Book" (name may vary by which program you use).  LWV ABC actually has two email addresses - both should be added:

      • lwvabc [at] gmail.com
      • lwvabc [at] lwvmn.org

You may also want to add the email addresses of LWVMN and LWVUS:

      • lwv [at] lwv.org 
      • info [at] lwvmn.org 

2. Mark any LWV ABC emails in your Spam folder, as "Not Spam".  To do this:

      • Find the Spam folder in your email program menu. The menu is  usually located on the left side.  The Spam folder is usually listed after  "Inbox", "Sent" and "Trash" folders
          • In Gmail, you will need to scroll down and may have to click "more" to see the Spam folder. 
      • Click on the Spam folder to open the folder. 
      • Click on the check box in front of any emails from LWV ABC.
      • Click on the "Not Spam" button, usually located at the top.
      • After clicking the "Not Spam" button, the email(s) should be in your inbox.