Shape Los Angeles County's Future

Shape Los Angeles County's Future


LETTER FROM: Kiyana Asemanfar, Policy Manager
and the rest of the team at California Common Cause

I am writing to share a once-in-a-decade opportunity with you: Los Angeles County is seeking residents to serve on its very first independent redistricting commission! Will you ensure fair representation by serving on the commission or encouraging a friend to apply?

Los Angeles County is one of the few counties in California where residents, not politicians, will have the power to draw its Board of Supervisors district boundary lines. The Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission gives power back to the people and allows for a transparent redistricting process that incorporates public feedback into the district maps. The Board of Supervisors district maps that are drawn in this process will last for the next decade -- and will determine how well LA County’s communities are represented in local government.

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As a Los Angeles County resident, YOU can shape the redistricting process by serving as a commissioner. You don’t need to be a redistricting expert to apply. We are looking for community members who are impartial, representative of the county’s diversity, and committed to creating fair maps for LA County’s communities. As a commissioner, you hold public hearings to hear community feedback and direct the redistricting process. You will be provided training and tools to prepare you for the role.

How you can help ensure the Los Angeles County redistricting process is a success:

(1)   Submit an application to serve on the Los Angeles County Redistricting Commission before August 31, 2020!

(2)   Forward this email to 5 friends who you think are impartial, reflective of Los Angeles County’s diversity, and committed to fair maps, encouraging them to serve on the commission.

 The future of our communities and how well they are represented by the Board of Supervisors relies on a successful redistricting process. One of the most critical steps is ensuring the Commission has qualified members that are reflective of Los Angeles County’s diversity. With your help, we can ensure that the Citizens Redistricting Commission has fair-minded and diverse community members. We hope you consider applying and ask friends in your network to consider applying as well.

Thanks for all that you do to move our democracy forward!