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The work of the League of Women Voters of South San Mateo County is volunteer-driven. Without volunteers we would not be able to provide each of our communities with:

  • Voter Registration Outreach Events
  • Informative Presentations on Local, State, and National issues
  • Local Candidate Forums & Ballot Proposition Pros & Cons
  • In-depth study of issues on Transportation, Climate Change/Adaptation, & Housing
  • And Much More!

There are many opportunities to work individually or in teams/committees.


Request for Volunteers: City Council Observers

Local action has a big need for some volunteers.  We also have a need to start an Observer Corps!! 

Do you realize?  Palo Alto LWV has one city to keep track of—if Google is right Palo Alto’s population is 66,000.  Redwood City’s population is 86,000—plus our other 5 cities!

We definitely need some volunteers helping in RWC.

Please contact Joyce Shefren.  jshefren [at] gmail.com to ask questions and express interest

Volunteer Today!

Immediate Volunteer Need!

These are back-up /apprentice type positions where you would be learning and shadowing for a time. These positions do not have set time frames for service.  

IT Support – 
We are looking for a person or two to start shadowing our IT support guru. Familiarity with Google Suite would be a plus but she could teach you and be available to advise. Duties would be to manage access to the LWVSSMC Google Suite and make relevant changes under Tech Committee direction. 
Please respond to Tracy at president [at] lwvssmc.org

Audio Visual – 
We are looking for someone with an interest in supporting our audio-visual needs; bringing projector and screen, hooking up, and monitoring projection during speaker events, knowing the connectors and cables. We are also looking for advice/consult on an upgraded speaker system with wireless mics. Managing and transporting that will be part of the need. 
Please respond to Tracy at president@president [at] lwvssmc.org

LWV 100th Anniversary Party and Event planners.
We are looking for assistant help for our 100th Anniversary Plans & coordination with other Leagues. Some ideas are: League participation in the RWC July 4thparade, Suffrage Fair on Courthouse Plaza, and more - Let your imagination run wild! Contact Tracy at president [at] lwvssmc.org.

Other volunteer interests
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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Voter Registration & Outreach

Since our founding in the 20th century, the league has run voter registration drives.  Help us at our outreach booths around San Mateo County as we register new voters, update voter registrations for people who have moved, and provide nonpartisan educational materials that enable our residents to exercise their right to vote.
Contact: votersvc [at] lwvssmc.org

  • County Voter Registration Support

The League of Women Voters works with San Mateo County Elections Office to maintain voter registration supplies at various public venues in the community such as post offices, libraries, etc. This is a fundraising opportunity for our League.  

  • Local Candidate Forums

The League of Women Voters sponsors Candidate Forums for local elections of city council members, school boards, special district positions, State Assembly, and State Senate.  LWV-SSMC volunteers are trusted as expert, unbiased hosts of these forums where candidates answer non-partisan questions from our moderators and explain their positions to voters. Opportunities to volunteer include moderating the forum, acting as time-keeper, and collecting and sorting written questions.
Contact: candidatesforum [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Ballot Proposition Pros & Cons

In collaboration with our state league, we run live pros and cons presentations during election season to educate voters on the core issues at the heart of complex ballot propositions.  Presenters strive for impartiality, and we judge ourselves successful if the audience is able to make an informed choice, but cannot tell which side the presenter supports!  We need talented and analytically-minded presenters to join our Pros & Cons Team.  Fluency in multiple languages is a plus, but is not required.
Contact: vpprogram [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Issue Advocacy Action

The Action team helps advocate for or against key pieces of State and National legislation, based on LWV positions.  A few times per year team members receive action alerts to email or call their legislators. The total commitment is less than 15 minutes per year, no meetings required!  For those interested in more involvement, opportunities also exist to compose letters, summarize issue updates, or help with specific issue research.
Contact: action [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Housing

Our Housing team is currently reviewing this robust topic.  We have been meeting monthly on a weekday at noon to review our positions and to establish a plan of how best the LWV can help in each of our six cities to educate and inform on this essential topic.
Contact: housing [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Transportation

Transportation is a County League Issue for Emphasis.  We are looking for members to study transportation issues, and to keep us informed so that we can act when appropriate.
Contacttransportation [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Climate Change/Adaptation

Monitor and represent League interests at the newly formed Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency Special District. Participate in San Mateo County's Climate Change wildland fire readiness forums and other related community events. Participate in the League's fire readiness taskforce.
Contact: climate [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Youth Outreach & Education

LWV-SSMC sponsors nonpartisan voter education activities in local high schools, aimed at students who are or who will soon be of voting age.  We forecast an increased need for LWV volunteers to learn our curriculum, help keep it exciting and relevant, and present it to government classes starting in 2020.
Contact: votersvc [at] lwvssmc.org 

  • Meet Your Local Legislators

 Each year, local Leagues meet with their legislators to get their take on a variety of topics. Their responses inform the LWV California legislative agenda for the following year and help establish the League as an important community voice with our state representatives.   

We are looking for two or three volunteers - LWV members only
Review our local positions LWVSSMC Local Positions
: local_action [at] lwvssmc.org

  • City/Town Council Observer

The League maintains active involvement in local issues by attending meetings of local government organizations; city councils, county supervisors, fire districts, and other public meetings where issues are discussed and decisions made that effect our citizens. Observers can choose a specific organization to observe routinely, or they may choose a topic, and attend any meetings where that topic may be an issue. Observers report relevant information to the Board so that we can stay abreast of local issues and take action when appropriate.
Contactlocal_action [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Recently the National LWV has made Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a League priority and challenged all state and local leagues to prioritize diversifying our leagues to look like the communities we serve.
LWV Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Principles and Values  

Our current efforts are to get to know our underrepresented communities better, and help the residents learn about the League and it’s work.  We will be looking for opportunities to cooperate with local community groups that are already working on issues that are also priorities of our League; voter education, the census, housing, transportation, Bay Area sea level rise, and any other areas where we find common concerns. 

We meet occasionally, for discussion and planning, and try to find times when we are all available, usually on a weekend.  
Contactdeidir [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Membership

Our focus is to maintain the number of members we have and to find and recruit new ones. We will host many events in the next year, with the Election around the corner, and could use help at each putting up signs, educating people on who the LWV is and taking their information to connect with them later. The (time) commitment is small but the impact is enormous.
Contact: membership [at] lwvssmc.org

  • Communications - Webmaster, MailChimp & Social Media Editor

Digital outreach to our members and the general public via the LWVSSMC website, Facebook page, and monthly e-messaging is essential to communicating the League's civic engagement message and activities in each of our communities.
No technical skills are required, although experience with social media tools like Facebook is helpful. Each media tool providies "How to" on-line manuals and videos.
In addition, hands-on training & guidence will be provided by the Communications chair.
Contact: communications [at] lwvssmc.org 

  • Administrative Support

We need volunteers to help with short-term tasks.  Could you help our Program Chair with set up, clean up, or refreshments for a meeting?  Perhaps you could help with an occasional mailing, or other small jobs that pop up from time to time. 

Contact: president [at] lwvssmc.org or 650-325-5780.

  • Fundraising
    Our League would like to undertake a new fundraising effort involving grant writing, and working with major donors. If you have past or current experience in these areas please let us know and help us begin an exciting new initiative for LWVSSMC. Contact: president [at] lwvssmc.org 
  • Treasurer’s Assistant
    Our League has grown and our accounting processes moved online. We are always looking for assistants to help our Treasurer and provide back-up in the event of an emergency. This position does not require extensive financial knowledge, everything can be taught. Come be a part of the financial stability that helps us do the League’s work! Contact: president [at] lwvssmc.org 
  • Newsletter Editor
    Have you always loved to write? Are you somewhat new to the League and would like a fascinating view from which to get to know us? We are looking for a new Editor for THE VOTER, our monthly newsletter. This position involves attending or conversing about current events going on in the League, talking with the President or Communications Director, and submitting monthly newsletter text for publication on the website and by eblast. Please consider this, and let us know.  Contact: president [at] lwvssmc.org