Join/Renew - Membership

Join/Renew - Membership

Why Should I Join?

  • Your membership gives us the resources for the political influence needed to build a powerful voice for all citizens.
  • Contribute valuable service to the community - Get involved in League projects and make a visible difference by serving as community leaders using their experience to create positive, lasting change in our communities.
  • Learn about crucial issues in your community, discover new interests, and develop new skills.
  • You automatically become a member of the Bay Area Inter-League Organization, LWV California and LWV of the United States.
  • Your Membership contribution is tax-deductible!

Your Membership Dollars........

Your League Membership is essential to supporting the grassroot activities that we provide in each of the six communities we serve. Currently our annual Membership is $75.00 - of which 84% is shared with our sister organizations - LWVUS, LWVC, and LWVB.  

These organizations use the funds to focus on important National and State issues that effect all of us - Voter's RightsClimate Change, and more.

  • $32.00 per member goes to LWV U.S.
  • $29.00 per member goes to LWV California
  • $  2.00 per member goes to LWV Bay Area

• We retain $10.00 
for our local chapter! •

We make those $10.00 work hard for you - through both dues and donations - which is why your support is essential to our effectiveness. 


Join or Renew OnLine

The League of Women Voters of South San Mateo County uses PayPal to process online credit card transactions. You do not need a PayPal account in order to join online.

Along with your Membership, please consider making a Donation to the League! To do this, first complete your membership information and click on "Add to Cart". On the PayPal page - before you complete your transaction  - click on "Continue to Shop" in the upper right hand corner of the PayPal page. You will be back on the Membership page. Scroll down to Donation, add the amount, and click on "Add to Cart". Complete your PayPal transaction.

Your Membership and Donations are tax deductible!

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To discuss alternative Membership Fees, 
please contact Ashley Wagstaff, Membership Chair at membership [at]

Donate to the League!

Every dollar helps us to do more for you and your community!

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Hosting "Topics of Interest" Events
Sponsoring Candidate Forums & Proposition Presentations


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