Our Board Members

Our Board Members



Tracy Clark     president [at] lwvssmc.org

First Vice President Administration

Mary Nam  vpadmin [at] lwvssmc.org

Second Vice President Program

Linda Atkinson  vpprogram [at] lwvssmc.org


Julianna Dodick  secretary [at] lwvssmc.org


Rick Warp  treasurer [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - Voter Services

Marni Rubin  votersvc [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - Communications

Jennifer (Chen) Ng Kwing King  communications [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Shirley DesMarais deidir [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - State/National Action

Barbara Windham  action [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - Climate Change Adaptation

Ann Draper  climate [at] lwvssmc.org

Director - At Large

Patti Fry   

Support Services

Membership Chair Ashley Wagstaff membership [at] lwvssmc.org
Handbook Editor Bernadette Burns voter_ed [at] lwvssmc.org
Candidate Forums Karen Moore candidatesforum [at] lwvssmc.org
Housing & Local Action Joyce Shefren local_action [at] lwvssmc.org
Pros and Cons Presentations Linda Atkinson vpprogram [at] lwvssmc.org
Transportation Barbara Wallis transportation [at] lwvssmc.org

Note:  We now have an electronic version of our member roster. This is a searchable pdf file. To receive access, a member needs to request access from a board member or a few off-board people who have access to our LWVSSMC Board Drive. That board member will share the file with you. Please let the board member know what you are using the member information for, and do not share member information outside our League. This was the best possible solution to provide this information while respecting member data privacy. Thank you for your care in this matter. 


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