Empowering the Future - LWV South San Mateo County Takes Action to Grow

Empowering the Future - LWV South San Mateo County Takes Action to Grow

Four years ago a group of long-time Leaguers came together to examine the status of our local League and develop a plan to revitalize our organization. Our main concerns were steadily declining membership and lack of new leadership. We organized an ad hoc membership committee and decided to apply for consulting help from the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Relations Department. We were fortunate enough to have our application accepted. 

A four-person Alumni Consulting Team led by Rick Warp (now our treasurer) developed a set of recommendations that we have spent the last three years implementing. The result of our effort is outlined in the attached final report that we are submitting to Rick's team. 

We are excited to bring this report to each of you to make you aware of how much we've accomplished in those three years. Many of you were instrumental in working on this project, others of you are the happy result of the project (new member, new leader), and all of you deserve kudos for being a vital part of our re-energized League.

I hope you read the report with interest and a sense of accomplishment. We owe a great deal to Rick and his Team for getting us this far. Let's keep up the great work! 

Cheers to you all,

Ellen Kitamura, on behalf of our ad hoc membership committee