Register to Vote

Register to Vote

See for information on voter registration.

By Election Day, a Qualified Voter must be:

*In California, individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated and on parole. Voting rights are automatically restored upon completion of parole, and people on probation can vote. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote.

You can Register Online!

Go to Califoria's official Online Voter Registration page to learn more and to register.

You can Register via Paper Form

Where Registration Forms are Available:
  • In Santa Barbara:
Elections Office
4440-A Calle Real
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 568-2200 FAX: (805) 568-2209
  • County Elections offices in North County and further information: see
  • post offices
  • libraries
  • most government offices
  • DMV and other public buildings
  • some banks
  • some savings and loan associations
  • League of Women Voters office by appointment only, (805) 965-2422

You Must Re-Register if You:

  • Have moved since you registered
  • Changed your name
  • Wish to change party affiliation

If You Have Just Moved:

Registration closes 15 days before each election. If you have moved anywhere in the state within 15 days of any election and are validly registered at your previous address, you may vote by returning to your former precinct or by Vote-by-Mail (absentee) ballot.