Our Committees

Our Committees

Committees Taking Action

This is a list of our committees actively working on issues. Meeting dates can be found on the Google Calendar.

Hazardous Materials

(not currently a committee; if you would like to participate, contact us)
For Public Statements made by LWVSB on this issue, click here.

Social Policy Committee 

Mission: To secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice, and the health and safety of all Americans.  

The Social Policy Committee Members work on Health Care Services, Behavioral Wellness, Homelessness, and Housing.  We coordinate with Sustainable Communities Committee on local land use and affordable housing issues of mutual interest.  We have liaisons to organizations such as, Health Care for All (at local and State levels), Coalition against Gun Violence, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, National Alliance on Mental Illness (local NAMI chapter), Rental Housing Roundtable, CLUE and other nonpartisan organizations.  Meets every month at the LWVSB Office.  To join email SocialPolicy [at] lwvsantabarbara.org

Sustainable Communities Committee and Energy Committee  

The Sustainable Community Members work on Climate Change, Energy (includes Offshore Oil and Alternatives), Land Use Planning, Affordable Housing, and Water Availability.  We co-ordinate with Social Policy on local land use and affordable housing issues and work with other organizations concerned with sustainability.  Meets every month in the Maravilla Retirement Community Clubhouse.  To join, email SusComm [at] lwvsantabarbara.org

These are Public Statements made and letters sent by LWVSB on these topics. 

Collection of Public Statements

These are LWVSB's public statements based on our Positions. Follow the link above to see all of the public statements in our Google Archive Library. Questions? Contact us!