The Election Calendar

The Election Calendar

PRIMARY ELECTIONS: even numbered years. Choose party nominees (national and state) and elect nonpartisan officials (state and county). You need to be a member of the party to choose a party's nominees.

GENERAL: November, even numbered years. Elect national and state officials; hold run-off elections, if needed, for nonpartisan offices.

CITY: Most Cities: November, even numbered years. Santa Barbara: November, odd numbered years. Elect city officials. SCHOOL: All school districts: November, even numbered years. Elect school district officials.

SPECIAL DISTRICTS: November, odd numbered years (some exceptions). Elect members of special district boards.

SPECIAL ELECTIONS: Fill vacancy, recall, decide on bond issues or ballot measure.

BALLOT MEASURES: May be included in any election

WHEN TO VOTE: On election day, the first Tuesday in November, Polls are open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. According to law, you may, by arrangement with your employer, take up to 2 hours off from work to vote at the beginning or end of your shift without loss of pay.

VOTING BY MAIL: ALL registered voters will receive a Vote by Mail (VBM) ballot in their mail.   You may mail in your "VBM" ballot, drop it in an official ballot box, or bring it in to a County Elections office, or bring it to the polls. More information here on the procedure, deadlines, and special situations.

Voter Registration Drives

Anyone distributing voter registration cards in California should be familiar with the rules and regulations for conducting voter registration drives.

We hold registration drives thoughtout the year as well as register voters at our events. Contact us if you would like to help register voters: VoterServ [at]

LWVSB Voter Registration Drive

LWVSB member Bill Marks registering Carpinteria High School seniors