Land Use

Land Use

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We support responsible stewardship of both public and private lands, recognizing that land use planning impacts air, water, mineral and biological resources and shapes social and economic conditions.

What do we advocate?

  • Establishment of livable communities with...
Affordable housing and safe neighborhoods
Adequate parks for recreation
  • Establishment of complete neighborhoods with…

         Essential public services close at hand
         Urban designs that conserve energy
         Population densities that support mass transit
  • Conservation and protection of resources, including...

        Preservation of agricultural land
        Growth management
        Pollution controls
  • Cooperation among all levels of government that…

        Supports long-range planning goals and objectives
        Includes public participation and wise use of public funds


How Can You Participate?

  • Write or call elected representatives
  • Speak and speak at government  meetings
  • Write letters to government agencies and newspapers
  • Serve as a public member on transportation committees
  • Attend League workshops on land use planning

 Do you need assistance or information? Our contact information is below.