We support equal opportunity for high quality education for all students in Fresno County Schools, from early childhood through community college.

What do we advocate?

  • Long range planning
  • Improved communication between the schools and the public
  • Support of a funding system which is adequate and reliable and is distributed fairly so all students have equal access to public education
  • Availability of quality preschool programs for all children
  • Support affordable equitable access to programs for individual and professional growth as well as advancing community economic and civic goals

How Can You Participate?stack of books

  • Learn more about our schools
  • Attend a board of education meeting
  • Write a letter to the Board
  • Write a letter to the Bee
  • Speak  at a Board meeting
  • Attend League workshops on charter schools, special education and other topics

Do you need assistance or information? Our contact information is listed below.