Behavorial Health

Behavorial Health

The League believes that everyone should have access to health care, including care for mental illness and substance use disorders. 

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What do we advocate?

  • Comprehensive behavioral health services for children and adults
  • Elimination of stigma associated with mental illness
  • Access to treatment and support for substance use disorders
  • Community awareness and education about available services
  • Increase access to affordable housing for people with behavioral health disorders

 How Can You Participate?

  • Learn more about behavioral health and available services by reading the League newsletter
  • Attend a meeting of the Behavioral Health Board (BHB)
  • Join a BHB committee to fit your interest:  Adult, Children, Substance Use Disorders, Justice
  • Attend League workshops on behavioral health issues
  • Participate in community forums led by BHB, the County Behavioral Health Department, and the National Association for Mental Illness

 Do you need assistance or information? Our contact information is listed below.